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[Freedombox-discuss] Moving Closer to a Freedombox with a nettop

So yesterday I decided to dump my desktop and bought myself a "nettop"

Not quite a plug computer, but weighing it at 500 grams is the kind of
machine, it packs a punch, and I can keep running non  stop

The specs are here, I picked it up for 299 euro at a store in town:


Basically 4GB RAM, dual core, USB3, 500 GB HD, it's easily capable of
running the latest debian Ubuntu.

My reasoning is that I'd like to move closer to a freedbombox only solution
but not yet ready to make the full leap, I'll do it in stages.  In the mean
time as plug hardware gets better and better I figure I'll have the kind of
spec that freedombox will run in future without living on the bleeding edge.

So far I've set up dyndns and apache.  Also I've been chatting with Nick
and Jonas and looking at the packages in freedomaker which I'm going
through piece by piece.

All I can say so far is I'm very very happy with the machine and hopefully
brings me one step closer to the land of the free! :)
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