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[Freedombox-discuss] who wants the new look to go online?

On 12-10-01 at 09:51am, Robert Martinez wrote:
> You sent me a RTFM link that suggests changing my operating system
> after I have made abundantly clear that I need more than that.

I guess you are referring to my sentence starting with "I don't know how 
you tried and what failed for you," right?

What I tried to communicate to you by starting like that was that I am 
not a mind reader and maybe I have even missed some crucial details 
explicitly explained by you in the past.  I did not know that your 
operating system was not Debian.

It helps if you quote the parts of the previous email that you are 
following up on.

> I don't see where this is going.

If you want to "offer to adapt to work in whatever way [I] propose" as 
you expressed it yourself, then I am puzzled what you find wrong with me 
proposing you to adapt your work.

If you want to throw your design work on my lap, it ends on the floor.

If you want to work with me but feel annoyed that I suggest you to 
change your environment, then it is probably helpful that you spell out 
to me what is your environment.  Or simply skip those particular 
suggestions involving change of environment.

Was none at all of the input in my previous email of any use to you? 
Perhaps you are running Amiga, and we are therefore too far from each 
other here for *any* collaboration beyond babbling on mailinglists?

 - Jonas

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