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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox/Unhosted/PageKite for Access Innovation Prize 2012

I can't understand why som many are so locked into one public IP address
per home, when we at least can have 2^64 different addresses if we uses
IPv6.  And with some sertificates we can even encrypt communication
between sites.  We also doesn't need to handle NAT (in any other way but
to get out of the IPv4 net).  These small devices would work greate as
IPv6 routers for your home network.

And I also can't understand that people are so worried about the low
performance of the ARM-computers we have now.  If there are problems,
just run on a x86 computer. Or when we are getting started with
something to distribute, the performance would be double that of the
current ARM-computers (at least).

And about certificates, there are not only StartSSL
(https://stratssk.com), which is good but we also have have CAcert
(https://CAcert.org/) which should be a good infrastructure for a
project like ours.

/A Jackson
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