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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox as a home router to replace Cisco/Linksys

Interesting articles on what Cisco is allegedly doing, or trying to do,
with home routers:

Amid Privacy Backlash, Cisco Says It?s Not Logging Your Web History

Cisco?s cloud vision: Mandatory, monetized, and killed at their

Part of their service agreement read, or reads: "When you use the
Service, we may keep track of certain information related to your use
of the Service, including but not limited to...network traffic (e.g.,
megabytes per hour); Internet history"

I remember from Eben's original talk on FreedomBox he described it as
something people would use to replace their home wireless routers. They
go to the store to buy a new wireless router, and buy a FreedomBox
instead of a WeSpyOnYouBox.

I wonder if this might be a good target for a first release of
FreedomBox? Have it just be something people use to replace their
current home routers.

Then later releases would add to that, with extra features beyond being
just a router.

OpenWRT comes to mind, although it's not Debian. How hard would it be
to get Debian running on a home router type of device, with the
features users would expect from a simple home router? (Or, maybe
Debian's already been ported to a device like this?)

One of the big advantages I see to this is that it narrows the focus.
We'd get something usable out sooner rather than later. Then over
time services could be added, in later releases.

"FreedomBox. Routing without the spying."  :-)

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