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[Freedombox-discuss] Email on FreedomBoxen?

On 12-07-01 at 07:43pm, Nick M. Daly wrote:
> Has anybody given thought to getting FreedomBoxes to send emails?

Sure.  Try search the archive of this mailinglist for "email" and/or 

Here are some examples (biased - make a search yourself for other 



> I thought I'd build out a quick win this weekend and add Friendica to 
> the plugserver setup scripts [0], but Friendica sends registration 
> emails, and there's no other way to deliver the registration 
> information (Jabber, etc).  So, until we get email delivery, we won't 
> have that particular social networking software.
> Any ideas on that front?  Email would also make a number of other 
> things easier, so it seems useful outside of this particular problem.

As pointed out before, email is a can of worms easier avoided than 
handled properly.  Because "properly" means more than the classic 
"reliably" and "without too much spam": FreedomBox "properly" includes 
"free from maintenance" and "privacy-aware" and "low resource".

How to limit spam on low-resource hardware without leaking privacy by 
use of external spam filters external smtp hosting?

Only way I see is to limit smtp to trusted peers - which means not 
really standard internet email but custom FreedomBox-mail, as we need 
some custom mechanism to resolve who are friends _and_ tighten smtp 
setup to only communicate directly and securely with those friends.

 - Jonas

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