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[Freedombox-discuss] documentation

I remember something about documentation being one of the work areas from one of the presentations. Am I remembering this right?

I've been messing with the OS since my dream box arrived a few days ago.  While trawling for info I've caught things like this.
* design and app ideas on the Freedombox-discuss mailing list
(Freedombox-discuss at lists.alioth.debian.org)?
* Nickdaly posted a well-structured doc at https://bitbucket.org/nickdaly/plugserver/
* 40 high level wiki pages at http://wiki.debian.org/CategoryFreedomBox
* Spinifex posted some Dreambox work at http://www.plugcomputer.org/plugforum/index.php?topic=5847.0 and http://www.spinifex.com.au/plugs/dphowtowificl.html

Is there a central doc area, or is there a "develop-nothing-use-others'-work" approach?

Many thanks,
Nicholas Hardiman
nick at planetlarg.net

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