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[Freedombox-discuss] Newebe, a distributed social network based on self-hosting

Hi again,

Here is a little correction to my previous email :
Website is http://newebe.org

Thank you Melin for the foafpress project, I will take a closer look at 
it soon.
Tornado and Backbone are two great technologies. The first allows to set 
up a web application server lightly and easily and is good to augment 
Couchdb. The second gives a good structure to your javascript client.

Thank you too Jonas, I have just added Newebe to the wiki. About 
graphics, they only appear on the website, not in the application, 
(apart from favicon) so it should be OK when Newebe will be ready. The 
artist who did that is not used to free license, so it is more 
comfortable for her to not allow commercial use, but I will try to 
convince her to use pure free license if I used here graphics inside the 



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