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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox user interface

2011/3/19 Jonathan Zeppettini <jonzep at gmail.com>:
> Not sure if it has previously been mentioned but there is a project
> called OpenMediaVault [1] that may prove useful in terms of some of
> the features FB seeks to implement as well as providing a potential
> basis for the FB web based UI. It seems pretty slick and extensible
> [2].
> The project is based on Debian and the developer has expressed
> interest in getting his code packaged and installable (but not
> officially supported) on any Debian system [3], so it seems there
> could be some good synergies here. The only issue is no code has been
> publicly released as of yet...
> [1] http://openmediavault.org
> [2] http://sourceforge.net/apps/gallery/openmediavault/
> [3] http://blog.openmediavault.org/?page_id=73
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I don't think there is much to pick from the gui of OpenMediaVault :
- it is an interface for administration purpose
- we don't want people to have to administrate their freedombox
- if people want so, cli through ssh may be enough for such purpose
- it has a Windows xp look and feel :p

However, feel free to add this to the wiki.


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