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[Freedombox-discuss] blogging in the FB (was Re: Roadmap Brainstorming)

On 3/19/11 6:44 AM, Yannick wrote:
>  The freedom box could be some kind of front end between the end user
>  and services like facebook, specifically designed to put the user
>  into a choice,

We might be closer in agreement than it seems, because this is actually 
what I want.

>  This is fine grained control of your datas and communication: the
>  freedom box should not allow you choose to publish in a system you
>  loose the control without at least a warning (and this will include
>  e.g. facebook), and should always encourage you to publish in a way
>  in which you are *sure* to stay in control.


>  e.g. you could choose to publish some news at home using the web
>  server of the freedom box, and as you aim the general public while
>  do not fear to be pointed out as the author, the system will allow
>  you to publish just a link and an abstract to your facebook page if
>  you have one. This turn facebook into some kind of a poor RSS feed
>  aggregator, still the user choose what should be there and what
>  should not.

Agreed! I'd want FreedomBox to be where I publish and manage things. 
Facebook would just be one of many places where my FreedomBox pushes 

FreedomBox as the primary source; Facebook, Twitter, etal would just be 
disposable channels.

>  e.g. when the web browser of the freedom box try to access
>  http://facebook.com it will not open the page but instead will
>  present the front end to the user.

I don't know if I'd bother to stand in for facebook.com - that promotes 
their brand and they could probably claim abuse of their trademark.

I'd offer a private-use website run from the FreedomBox to act as a 
front-end client to Facebook (among other things). Make it an 
intentional choice, call it a "condom for Facebook" - eg. Never visit 
Facebook without protection

>  This proposal is some kind of working around the poor
>  interoperability of hierarchic systems like facebook.
>  All this only make sens if we do have another system in the freedom
>  box for social networking/web publishing that can superseed facebook
>  and twitter with a better design for freedom.

I want to see that, too.

Maybe it's an ikiwiki, wordpress, status.net, or plain HTML & feeds at a 
cheap web host managed by the FreedomBox.

Talk to existing services like Twitter and Facebook for legacy 
compatibility, but maintain alternative channels that can be placed 
entirely under the end-user's control. That way, we can talk to friends 
on Twitter, but urge them over to these other channels we control.

l.m.orchard at pobox.com
{web,mad,computer} scientist

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