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[Freedombox-discuss] Roadmap Brainstorming

On 3/17/11 7:20 PM, Lorenzo wrote:
> I tried to convert the bullets in your list that I was sure I was
> understanding correctly in the form "I wish my FreedomBox
> could ..." to the wiki page (plus of course my wishes :) ).

Might be too early for wiki-gardening on a brainstorming page. I 
restored some of my items, but if they go away again I won't get into an 
edit-war. :)

Some of the points are very specific - eg. not "host my blog", but "web 
publishing". I'd argue that a FreedomBox is not a good place to host a 
blog. Host personal-use tools to author content and build HTML from 
templates, maybe, but not a full-blown public-facing blog server.

If you really want to run a web server from an FB, something like 
Pagekite is your friend. Otherwise, push content to cheap stable web 
hosts (eg. Amazon S3 or Nearly Free Speech), host hidden services on 
TOR, or at least put your FB behind a caching HTTP proxy (eg. squid or 
nginx). Your FB's direct IP address is probably something you'd like to 
keep secret and behind one or more layers of intermediaries.

Browser sync of passwords / history / forms / bookmarks is something I 
think will be important, too. Chrome has had it for awhile, and Mozilla 
Firefox 4 is about to launch with it. Mozilla's in particular uses 
crypto before data leaves the client, and the server-side is open source.

An IRC bouncer with SSL is important to me, partly because I already use 
one on my NAS daily. Maybe XMPP is more interesting, but I've spent most 
of my waking hours for the past decade connected to IRC in one form or 
another, so it could be useful to others :)

In any case, my general wishlist theme is for incremental improvements 
on things I use daily

l.m.orchard at pobox.com
{web,mad,computer} scientist

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