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[Freedombox-discuss] In-the-cloud infrastructure and business involvement (was: distributed DNS)

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 4:34 PM, Yannick <sevmek at free.fr> wrote:

> Let's clarify one thing: end to end principle is broken by ISP, it is
> not broken by design. In some case they do not give you a real internet
> address, i.e. a world wide IP address (even better a fixed one ; I do
> have one with my ISP),

Totally right, it's broken in practice, not by design. I am specifically
talking about whether we want to do anything to help the people who have to
deal with poor service from their ISPs.

I don't think IPv6 is a complete solution, but it might be *part* of a
solution (more below).

It is not that moving bits is evil, it is that a business model based
> almost exclusively on it wont pay much, and will pay even less in the
> future.

OK, so it's not evil, it's just not very lucrative. :-)  Are you suggesting
that because it's not lucrative, all bit pushers will eventually become
become evil in order to boost profits?

That might actually be true. :-P

I do not see the reason for IPv6 tunneling using a centralized service,
> when the freedombox itself can do it. As I told you I do have an IPv4
> fixed address, I can do this tunneling too. I do not see anything
> preventing me to use IPv6 in my local network and be connected to the
> actual internet based on IPv4.

... yes, you can do that. And it brings us back where we started, that you
need a valid, unfiltered IPv4 address to communicate with the rest of the
world.  We agree that ISPs are evil, so the odds of the average FreedomBox
user having one of those are getting worse all the time.  Right? :-)

Regarding IPv6, this is how I understand you so far:

   - Linux/Debian can do IPv6 already
   - You claim you can get a bunch of IPv6 addresses for free

My issues:

   - Is obtaining those IPv6 addresses so easy the FreedomBox will be able
to do it automatically on first boot-up, without ISP support?
   - Who is going to route them? Unrouted IP addresses are useless.
   - How are you going to talk to people who themselves aren't on IPv6?

I skimmed the RFCs you pointed to, but I did not see any solutions there.
What am I missing?

Maybe the Foundation or the manufacturers of the plugs will be able to
negotiate with in-the-cloud IPv6 providers to take care of allocation and
routing, solving 2 of the 3 issues above. But oops, that's exactly the kind
of business involvement that I was suggesting might be necessary.  And...
they are going to want to get paid, back-bone routers aren't exactly free.

:-)  Are we dizzy from going in circles yet?

Bjarni R. Einarsson
The Beanstalks Project ehf.

Making personal web-pages fly: http://pagekite.net/
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