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[Freedombox-discuss] [ask] booting and configuring

On Tue, Mar 15, 2011 at 01:55:14PM -0400, Boaz wrote:
> Thomas:
> >Suppose I want to make a bulk purchase of a whopping
> >500 of of these, load 'em up with freedombox
> >pre-installs and sell 'em -- in my town among friends
> >and family and such, for now.
> >
> >And I want all this to go down 11 months from today.
> >
> >So I don't care for that short a time frame about
> >booting in the most hostile environments because I'm
> >pretty sure I can't ship any of the hardware to
> >such environments nevermind support the software there
> >just yet.  I want to ship to less hostile environments
> >first to kind of get the juices flowing... to get
> >to a point where honest to gosh users (however unexciting
> >they are compared to active revolutionaries) are spending
> >money on freedombox technology, and that money is feeding
> >back into development.
> >
> >Real, real simple.   I want to give one to my cousin-in-law
> >to use for their blogging of their kids progress as she
> >enters first grade....  that kind of thing.
> I completely agree.  We will get the freedom box into the hands of
> active revolutionaries in time.  But for our ambitions of quick
> release, if at any point we find that it will be quicker to get it
> ready for unexciting normal boring users in normal times, let's go
> that direction for now.  It will aid in protecting freedom in their
> hands too, and will as you say "get the juices flowing".

We don't know everyone on this list, maybe some of us are hte active
revolutionaries you describe, maybe some are stuck in an hostile
environnement, and that's the reason why they hang out over here, because
they need such a box. If we come into the "I want", I personally don't
want to build yet another fonera or whatever box that is already on the
market, but following moglen's talks, something that has privacy and net
neutrality as a primary goal.


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