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[Freedombox-discuss] [ask] booting and configuring

Opinions and speculations requested, please.
What is our group vision about this:

I mail off a headless freedombox to some non-hacker 
friend (who, let's assume, has a computer
and Internet connection at home already, but
who isn't a sysadmin or anything close).

He opens it up.  Plugs it in / turns it
on.   The package, I hope, has one page of
instructions about how to configure the 
freedombox and start using it.

What does the process look like? 

Does my friend have to have wifi?
Or a spare ethernet cable and a router 
with a spare slot?   What if his wifi
is password protected?   Does he 
telnet to the box?  Use a web browser?
Or does it include a (possibly tiny, minimal)
display and my friend is supposed to plug
in a keyboard?  

What is a realistic and desirable "vision"
for the "first 10 minutes" experience?


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