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[Freedombox-discuss] FreedomBox presentation at PirateFest2011 Buenos Aires, Argentina

El 14/03/11 09:02, James Vasile dijo:
> Nicol?s Reynolds,
> I love that folks are talking about this project all over the world.
> Presentations are a lot of work, but they generate so much enthusiasm
> and bring so many new people into the fold.  Thanks for taking the time
> to do it!
> If you like, when you get audio/video we'll ask the il8n team if they'll
> translate it.  Then we can get your presentation out to more people.
> Best regards,
> James

James Vasile,

I do it with convincement about the implications of this project :)

I still don't have the video, but I do have a news article about the
PirateFest were I'm cited (not textually...) talking about FB (both) and
the good FB is linked in the text.

The newspaper is edited on paper and digitally and distributed all over
Argentinian territory, so it's kind of a big spam for freedombox!


The material is copyrighted though.

Nicol?s Reynolds,
xmpp:fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
gnu/linux user #455044

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