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[Freedombox-discuss] What's the plan?

On Mon, 14 Mar 2011 09:06:11 +0100, Michiel de Jong <michiel at unhosted.org> wrote:
> i think this list of 'first conclusions' is worth something, although it's
> probably incorrect

Indeed.  Thanks for taking the time to write this all down.

> Let's give Bdale Garbee a warm welcome as the tech lead put forward by the
> foundation, and listen what he has to say. As the foundation puts it: "Now
> the real work can begin."[2] - exciting!

It *is* exciting.  But please be clear about this, I have no delusions
of grandeur, or "magic answers" already prepared .. instead, what I have
is a *very* strong sense of responsibility to Eben and all of you who
care as passionately about this work as I do!

Over time, hopefully not too much time, I hope to be able to articulate
something like a roadmap of what we think is actually achievable when,
what work needs to be done to hit each milestone, and so forth.  Even
then, I expect some people to see things I don't think can be done as
challenges they're willing to accept, just as there are likely to be
things I think will be easy that turn out to be harder than expected.

In the meantime, I hope nobody stops doing anything they're currently
doing to wait for some pronouncements from me!  That's not how this is
going to work.  Any success we achieve will come because we are all
willing to work hard on the pieces we know and care the most about,
while collaborating productively with each other to make a result that
is greater than any of us individually could hope to achieve alone.

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