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[Freedombox-discuss] Fwd: Another freedombox talk to translate (Arthur Lutz - 27c3) (CC by-nc-nd doubts)

Hello. I'm forwarding the message I sent yesterday to the freedombox 
i18n mailing list, since maybe people subscribed there aren't too much 
into licenses.
Maybe someone here can answer me about these license doubts.
The video is ready for upload, if everything is fine.


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Subject: Another freedombox talk to translate (Arthur Lutz - 27c3)
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 22:06:29 +0100
From: Pablo Castellano <pablog@gnome.org>
To: i18n at lists.freedomboxfoundation.org

In the 27th Chaos Communication Congress (27c3), Arthur Lutz presented
Freedombox in a lightning talk[0].

The video is available here[1] and has license CC by-nc-nd.
I have cut the video just to have the part of the freedombox talk, which
happens from minute 10 to minute 16 approximately. In order to add
context to the freedombox talk video I have added the same beginning and
the same ending as the full video[1] has (some seconds at the beginning
and at the end showing that it happened in the 27c3).
I was doing it to upload it somewhere and ease the task of translating
it. After that, a doubt has arisen to me about the license:

  From [2]:
"NoDerivatives. You let people copy, distribute, display, and perform
only verbatim copies of your work ? not make derivative works based on
it. If they want to alter, transform, build upon, or remix your work,
they must contact you for permission."

Is it considered a derivative work (not allowed by the license)?
In case I didn't join the beginning and the ending parts. Is partial
reproduction considered a derivative work too?

Regards, Pablo.

[0] http://events.ccc.de/?congress/?2010/?wiki/?
[1] http://media.ccc.de/?browse/?congress/?2010/?

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