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[Freedombox-discuss] Matt Mullenweg at SXSW on the Future of WordPress


I'm in the Matt Mullenweg interview at SXSW on the Future of
WordPress, and I asked,

"You've been a vocal advocate for the software freedom movement, and
proprietary, centralized web services counter software freedom for
users. WordPress dot org is this big decentralized free software web
app success story... so what do you think about Eben Moglen's Freedom
Box project? Running web apps on servers physically located in your

He said, "Right now is the peak of the centralized web app epoch. its
a cycle. Today its 'there are 100,000 users on our site' and tomorrow
its going to be 'there are 100,000 users not on our site'. people will
want to go back to their own domains, but have FB and twitter
integrated. I like that we're heading back in that direction. Our new
JetPack product is about this. I like the hybrid model - having
something thats open source and free in every sense, and also

Also something relevant for FB that Matt said "Firefox' addons system
was inspiring for WP plugins service, and Google Chrome is even
slicker. Its not about being on WordPress 3.1, its being on WordPress
and the version doesn't matter, like Chrome."


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