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[Freedombox-discuss] Freedombox-discuss Digest, Vol 8, Issue 37

On Tue, 8 Mar 2011, James Vasile <james at hackervisions.org> wrote:

> < ... />
> If I had any say in the design (which I do not), I'd probably be looking
> at it like this: What's the list of things the box needs to do in order
> to gain a place in some users' homes?  If the box is a router, media NAS
> and print server, it's got the same feature set as an airport.  Build
> backup into it for a big win.  That's a pretty good start.
> On that, we might add some "find me anywhere on the net and talk to me
> securely" capability.  This makes it a file server and maybe a
> dropbox-like device.  That small feature set is a pretty attractive
> package.  It's also is the start of the freedom stack.

I hope that we build a "talk to me securely" sub-system which can
be used by people who do not know /etc from /var.  Every button
press required imposes a non-trivial cost; every actual decision
a large cost; two decisions one after the other, ah, well, as an
old Unix hand said to me last week "Why don't they just exchange
OpenPGP public keys and then use ftp?".

I think such a sub-system is required to be built to get a

ad ZRTP: I think there exists at least one official GNU project
which uses a free version.  More next week.

> Then we might identify other users/boxes who get privileged access to
> the file server.  We start building identity functions into the stack.
> Etc.
> The point here is not the specific roadmap I've outlined so much as a
> natural progression of useful stuff with the freedom stack developed
> over time that makes the useful stuff meet our ethical standards.  At
> each point it's got a compelling reason to use it and those reasons grow
> over time in bite-sized chunks.
> At some point the chunks add up to a great stack that can underpin
> something like Diaspora.
> -J



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