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[Freedombox-discuss] Store-and-forward is a necessity

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treed at ultraviolet.org (Tracy Reed) writes:

> The first thing evil regimes always seem to do is to turn off the
> Internet access and censor communications in general.  I keep asking
> myself, "How did people communicate electronically before broadband
> Internet or even PPP dial-up enabled the always-on connections which
> allowed the web to grow?"  The answer is store and forward message
> passing systems: UUCP in the case of pre-Internet communications.

> More than anything people need a way to ship around messages such as
> tweets, emails, IMs, and smallish files.  They need to be able to
> send around simple news and activity coordination items.

Absolutely.  And another application where store and forward message
passing is critical is to allow long, random latency at each stop.
Anonymizing remailers [1] need this to mix messages and thwart traffic
analysis.  Long, random latency is part of the price of anonymity.

> Goals:

> * Allowing transmission of messages world-wide in the face of active
>   oppression

> * Not requiring a dedicated Internet connection

> * Encrypted

> * Hard to detect

> * Location-aware (for routing purposes)

> * Provide very basic communications abilities.  This is an improvement
>   when people have no ability to communicate at all.

Add to that list:

 * Support anonymizing remailers having long, random latency to mix
   messages and thwart traffic analysis.

> [...]

> So how do we get return messages or even ACK packets (receipt
> verifications) back?

Send encrypted ACKs via message pools which are broadcast worldwide,
such as Usenet alt.anonymous.messages [2].  Each interested party
checks all pool messages and decrypts her own.

And later in this thread, michiel at unhosted.org (Michiel de Jong)
suggests the good idea of extending Usenet to Freedombox hosts:

> to set up a revival of usenet....  putting usenet into the
> freedombox would probably be easy, and definitely noone could say
> we're reinventing the wheel (although, maybe rediscovering a
> forgotten wheel)

"Extending Usenet to a new medium" would be more accurate.  Usenet has
not died.  Probably the NNTP Usenet protocol can be adapted to the
Freedom Protocol.

Moreover, pools can be used for both sides of a dialog, not just the
ACKs.  See stealthmail [3].

[1] http://mixmaster.sourceforge.net/

[2] http://www.is-not-my.name

[3] mailto:stealthsuite at nym.mixmin.net?subject=send%20index.html

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