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[Freedombox-discuss] Size of the the base image

I have a max of 7.5 megs to play with on my wrt targets.

This is why I have been making the recommendations that I have been.


On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 10:59 AM, Lorenzo <lorenzo at usucapio.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> To try to get a bit practical today I tried to setup a guide to assemble a
> base image from
> which the freedombox firmware can be developed (by adding more packages and
> properly
> configuring them).
> The first thing I did was to play a bit with EmDebian to try to understand
> how small it can get.
> I've built two images using multistrap with EmDebian Grip and a Baked
> EmDebian Grip (using
> the demo repo published on the site) for the i386 architecture.
> The size of the Grip install (with no optional packages) was of ~ 40 MB
> (using clean=true).
> The size of the Baked grip install (built using packages=dash) was of ~ 25
> MB.
> They seem a bit big compared to other embedded distros. As a comparison a
> buildroot
>  image can fit in 4MB.
> I'm not an expert in emdebian nor in embedded programming, for this reason
> I write to the list before
> continuing.
> My question, for the people who know EmDebian well, do you think EmDebian
> could be a good base distribution
> for the freedombox? Can the images be made smaller? From what I understand
>  from the website
> Crush is discontinued, and I read a mail in the emdebian mailing list there
> is no Grip for i386-ulibc.
> The other question is for the people with experience in embedded
> programming. Does the size of
> Grip (40MB) for the base system look excessive for a freedombox? Is it
> really necessary to build something
> smaller? This size seems to be a problem if we want to target devices in
> the class of wireless
> routers but should we target them in the first place? (this question is
> probably for the whole list)
> Best Regards,
> Lorenzo
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