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[Freedombox-discuss] An introduction from the foundation

Hi everyone!

Sorry for not formally introducing this sooner, but things have been
hectic at freedomboxfoundation.org the past couple of days, including
all the work up to our just published kickstarter push:

As many of you have learned from Eben's FOSCON talk, the FreedomBox
Foundation is a new legal entity started to help coordinate and support
development activity on the freedom box project. While the legal entity
is brand new, the people behind it are the same ones you met at DebConf,
which basically means Eben with Ian (me), volunteering on the admin and
organizational side. So if you see typos on the wiki, you know who to

I'm going to continue hanging out in #freedombox as much as possible and
mostly lurking on the mailing list, but if you need to reach out, info@,
join@, press@ and dontate at freedomboxfoundation.org are all live email

Talk to you soon!


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