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[Freedombox-discuss] Why is this list so quiet?

On 02/16/2011 02:43 PM, Michiel de Jong wrote:
> Hi,
Hello there.
> This mailing list seems quiet, doesn't it?

Let me try to express what I think is happening. FB has become a DIY 
project useful for little more than Debian package maintainers recruitment.

Jonas and others who agreed with him: note that I don't mean to be rude, 
but I did call for some structure, some coordination, a consensus on 
important things, and you thought it was unnecessary.
I think most people accepted that we would make at least one app (Web 
UI), and at any time someone can come up with something like that and, 
in doing so, boost the project. However, that's not really happening 
(obviously), and may never happen for all we know. For few months now, 
we've been dead in the water. I think this may even be why Moglen 
considered making a FreedomBox foundation. Don't get me wrong, we may 
simply stay just an abstract Debian link in the chain, but I think the 
interested public gravitates towards this specific project, and we have 
a reason, if not an obligation, to be more.
Jonas talked about this project being "different things to different 
people", but without any consensus (or perhaps even leadership - the 
humanity!), we're likely to be nothing to noone. And we can remain 
admins of an empty project.

I've suggested teams before (scroll back). That's the one thing that 
came to my mind. But if you think this shouldn't be done that way, tell 
me how you'd do it! You "organizational skills" people, show me how you 
create an organization. Speak. If we fail to organize in foreseeable 
future, then we're simply not the right (hundred) people for the job. 
Though the question then is - who is?

--Luka Mar?eti?
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