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[Freedombox-discuss] Getting involved - Reg.

Thanks a ton for ur guidelines would look into the stuff u've mentioned....
and about the talk yah it was the one in Open Source India.... the topic of
his talk was *Freedom and The Web: Equality in the 21st Century. *Yes, the
talk was recorded.... i dont know if the video is available in public....
I've asked for it, will announce it once i get it.

*Sakthi Kannan R*

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 1:45 PM, Jonas Smedegaard <dr at jones.dk> wrote:

> Welcome, Sakhti!
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 11:55:16AM +0530, Sakthi Kannan Ramabadran wrote:
>> My name is Sakthi Kannan, I attended the OSI (Open Source India)
>> conference held this month. Attended Eben Moglen's talk, was really inspired
>> by his ideologies. He also spoke about this project I'm really interested in
>> getting involved. I have some experience in working with embedded devices
>> and also porting GNU/Linux in embedded processors like ARM. This is the
>> first time I'm getting myself involved in a project like this... Please
>> guide me on how i could involve myself in this venture...
> Good question!
> I believe there a many answers - here is my view on the topic:
> As I see it, here is the place for sketching and trying out ways to piece
> together the Debian distribution in ways that serve the goal of a
> FreedomBox.  And then help other FLOSS projects create missing pieces, and
> help other Debian teams package missing pieces and improve packaging if
> existing pieces so that our box is fully supported by standard Debian
> packaging routines.
> Some of us here are Debian developers, and can help clarify the jungle of
> Debian - what teams are relevant to get in touch with for which issues we
> find etc.
> Some of us are programmers, and can create missing pieces themselves, or
> maybe dind peers here - it is of course better to work in teams than alone.
> Why do I not suggest we do actual coding here in this team of enthusiastic
> peers?  Well, it is already a big task to do what I've outlined above.  It
> is an even bigger task to skip the part of working with Debian teams to
> improve their packaging - it might seem easier to build on top of Debian
> instead of "reshaping" it, ad indeed it is at first, but then essentially we
> create a *distribution* and that is _very_ difficult to maintain in the long
> run.  Let Debian be the distribution and let us stick to educating Debian in
> how they/we should improve that existing distribution to also distribute
> FreedomBox.
> First, look at our wiki page, and add stuff that you know already and
> notice is missing from our collective knowledge there.  And post mails here
> on the list elaborating on the changes you do at that wiki page.  Not
> elaborate because we are sceptical to your input, but because we are
> curious: We are all here because we want to participate in a larger move and
> all want to both contribute and learn from other contributions at the same
> time.  You are amonge friends! :-)
> Then explore Debian, and explore the FLOSS world for things that might be
> relevant to include in Debian if not already packaged there.  But beware:
> new stuff not yet in Debian might be technically better, but getting stuff
> packaged for Debian can be a long process, so try to favor existing packaged
> stuff over new shiny stuff whenever possible - or the FreedomBox will not
> emerge in this century :-)
> Particularly when you have some knowledge in embedded stuff, I recommend
> that you get hands dirty in working with installing and using Debian on e.g.
> the SheevaPlug or the GuruPlug.  Don't ask for help here, but instead join
> the mailinglist of the Embedded Debian team and ask there.  And then
> enlighten us here on your experiences: How well does a basic install work?
> How well do things work on top of it - perhaps compile (manually - it is
> still alpha quality and not packaged officially for Debian) the Diaspora
> code for that machine and play with it - and tell us your experiences.
> Perhaps join the Debian Blends team and gain knowledge in the art of Debian
> Pure Blends - the Debian term for doing everything inside Debian instead of
> on top of Debian.
> More on Debian Pure Blends here: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPureBlends
> An incomplete list of Debian teams you might consider is here:
> http://wiki.debian.org/Teams
> Which talk did you attend - one at Open Source India or somewhere else?
>  Did it get recorded or transcribed and is available somewhere public?
> Please update the list at http://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox if needed.
> Hope this helped some.  Welcome aboard :-D
>  - Jonas
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