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Re: how to upload a new font package

On Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 6:58 AM Bobby de Vos wrote:

> SIL WSTech is releasing a new font, Shimenkan, and I wish to package it
> for Debian. Once I get a homepage for the project I can submit an ITP
> and do the packaging. My question is how to upload the new package to
> Debian. Now that I am a DM, I would not expect to use mentors. Can
> permission be given for a DM to upload a package, even if that package
> is not yet into Debian? Or is there another way to upload the binary
> package?

DMs don't have the ability to upload new packages; they must get the
package sponsored and then once the sponsor is satisfied they are able
to handle that particular package then they can get future uploads of
that particular package automatically approved. The DM status is
per-package, if you don't think that is appropriate for you then it
might be time for you to become an upload-approved Debian member.

PS: it would be great if the new font and any associated files came
with source and an automated build system.



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