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Bug#891855: fonts-monoid: installs no less than 4000 font files!

Jan Claeys wrote:
> Line height is usually not configurable in a terminal, and for
> characters in e.g. the "Box Drawing" & "Block Elements" ranges there is
> also the issue that they need to connect.  That's probably why the
> different styles exist?  (I didn't check if they actually do that.)

Yes, probably. But since none of the common font choosers allow to select
a line spacing variant specifically, I see no reason to include each font
(variant) five times because of this.

> I wonder if it would be better to build them on-demand, using debconf
> to select what variant(s) is/are wanted...  But then you'd need all the
> dependencies to build them installed to use the font, of course.

There is no way we confront users with a debconf question about which
variant to compile upon package installation. This is not Gentoo. ;)

 - Fabian

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