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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#884592: Bug#884592: fonts-fantasque-sans: variants use the same name, making them unusable in most programs

Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> writes:

>> 1. Ship one variant in the fontconfig path and rest variants are placed
>>    under /usr/share/fantasque-sans and mention this in NEWS and
>>    README.Debian.
> That'd require manual action of the user, and wouldn't be easily
> discoverable.

Yeah that is my thought also.

>> 2. Provide different variants as part of fonts-fantasque-sans-[variant]
>>    package.
> I'd rather split OTF vs TTF vs WOFF vs SVG -- an user hardly ever needs more
> than one format.

OK sounds correct.

>> 1 is bit ugly as user needs to put right variant into their fontconfig
>> path. 2nd one is elegant but then we some how need to handle the
>> transition. Question will be what will fonts-fantasque-sans meta package
>> will depend on :-).
> I'd go with 3. encode variant in the "family" field.
> If you look at some other fonts (better visible in a GTK2 font picker rather
> than in the GTK3 one), you can find variants usually presented as families,
> such as "Comic Neue" vs "Comic Neue Angular".

So what should be new package names?. Tell me from below which sounds

fonts-fantasque-noloopk-sans-ttf or fonts-fantasque-sans-noloopk-ttf

Basically fonts-fantasque-[variant]-sans-[type] or fonts-fantasque-sans-[variant]-[type]

Let me know which sounds correct. For me second one seems correct, but
I'm open to suggestion.

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