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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] location of woff files

Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> I agree with Jonathan Kew in advicing to keep fonts for different
> purposes separate. Which is the reason I proposed, as quoted above, a
> path for woff files _separate_ from TrueType and _separate_ from Type1.

Fonts in different formats are already in different directories.

How are you going to separate fonts by purpose? Fontconfig cannot know if
you request a font for a GUI or for typesetting. But you can tell
fontconfig to only return fonts in a specific format that you support.
But, again, you (i.e. the requester) have to do that, not fontconfig or
anyone else.

> I disagree with Jonathan Kew that more generally we should use
> fontconfig only for desktop fonts.  But that is a separate discussion:
> Please for _Debian_ packages place .woff files below
> /usr/share/fonts/woff and then if that causes problems with fontconfig
> then please file a _Debian_ bugreport against fontconfig to discuss if
> perhaps sensible for that tool to not detect all kinds of fonts but only
> some specific types (either by limiting lookup paths or by filtering
> detected types).

So, by now we have webservers, typesetting software and plenty of GUI in
Debian and they all are using fontconfig. You cannot generally exclude
e.g. woff files from fontconfig to please the typesetting software,
because this will break the webservers - and vice versa. But you can tell
fontconfig to only return the formats that you support and it will account
for that.

 - Fabian

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