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[Pkg-fonts-devel] [Philippe Cochy] New FontForge in Debian ?

Hi all,

Forwarding mail sent by Philipe to selected Debian guys and fontforge

A set of mails will be forwarded. Though I've not asked explicit
permission I feel these mails should have been directed to team list in
first place. (Sorry for not asking explicit permission)

Philipe in future please Cc fonts team mailing list. We are all
subscribed there.

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David (or Frank),

Please could you clarify to Debian developers the actual status of
FontForge, the real impact of the bug in ExpandStroke function, the
chance of solving the bug 1747...
(I defend the position to not distribute the new FontForge in Debian as
long as the ExpenStroke function is not functioning as well as it does
in the George William version.)

Thank you :-)

Philippe Cochy

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