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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] fontforge packaging update

Quoting Jonas Smedegaard (2016-06-14 12:31:01)
> Quoting Vasudev Kamath (2016-06-12 09:44:33)
>> I've updated the fontforge package to install everything upstream 
>> builds. Only pending point remaining now is fontforge-nox which will 
>> also be built soon.
> As I've tried explain also on irc, the first step to building multiple 
> flavors is to succesfully build in a separate directory than the 
> source.
> For CDBS that means setting e.g. "DEB_BUILDDIR = build" and ensure 
> that works (by patching upstream makefiles as necessary).
> I have now committed the changes for building twice, once with same 
> configure options as you've prepared but building in a separate 
> builddir, and the other with additional configure option 
> "--without-x".
> Beware that I have not tested my change, so if someone wants a working 
> build they may have to revert my commit.

I now tested the flavored build, and it hereøs what seems to be needed 
to finish it up:

1) Check that python bindings lands in the correct places.  Use of CDBS 
autotools-python snippet for that was dropped: Its per-python-version 
flavoring clashed with our custom flavors and should be unneeded since 
there should never be more than a single python(2) version since python 
2.6 support was dropped in Debian.

2) Adjust install hints to pick from its new locations below 
debian/tmp/{x,nox} (not debian/tmp).

I find debdiff to be a useful inspection aid.

 - Jonas

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