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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#819026: RM: fonts-mgopen -- ROM; obsolete, abandoned upstream

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal

The MgOpen fonts were released by Magenta, a Greek company, back in
2005.  At the time finding freely-licensed fonts covering Greek glyphs
was hard (DejaVu added the Greek basic alphabet in 2006), so I uploaded
this package in Debian at the time and moved it under the Debian Fonts
Task Force after a few years, where it has been comaintained since.

In the meantime, the freely-licensed font ecosystem has bloomed and
nowadays there are multiple different choices for commodity uses of
Greek glyphs (DejaVu, Liberation, Droid, Robot/Noto, CrOS etc.). 

MgOpen suffers from several long-standing issues (such as the lack of
hinting, #540206), some of which make it completely unsuitable for
today's use (such as the lack of the Euro sign).

The font has only seen a couple of releases, the last one being more
than a decade ago; it has been seemingly abandoned by its upstream. It
was wasn't that good to begin with, so noone has stepped up to maintain
it and enhance it and I'm pretty sure noone will given the breadth of
choices nowadays.

Please remove it from the archive: it's a small maintenance burden but
at this point it does more harm than good by confusing potential users.


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