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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#687172: Pending fixes for bugs in the fonts-sil-andika package

tag 687172 + pending

Some bugs in the fonts-sil-andika package are closed in revision
4e98c2c9b556d98e4f0c31e0d90d63bf99ced334 in branch '  jessie-updates'
by Christian Perrier

The full diff can be seen at

Commit message:

     Closes: #687172
     - <test> can only contain one element. To implement disjunction, duplicate
       the <match> block and vary the contents of <test>. Here we reduce the
       number of branches by comparing for "contains" "Andika Design Review"
       (previously "Andika Design Review [A-H]")
     - <alias> can only alias one family at a time. Duplicate and vary the name
       being aliased.

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