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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#762979: watch

I don't know why but the PTS page for the fonts-ebgaramond package
doesn't show the "newer version available" warning. I checked the watch
file and it seems to work:

steko@spheniscus:~$ uscan --watchfile watch --package fonts-ebgaramond
--upstream-version 0.015+git20130628 --no-download --verbose
-- In watch, processing watchfile line:
   https://github.com/georgd/EB-Garamond/tags .*/v*(\d[\d\.]*.*)\.tar
-- Found the following matching hrefs:
     /georgd/EB-Garamond/archive/v0.016.tar.gz (0.016)
     /georgd/EB-Garamond/archive/v0.015d.tar.gz (0.015d)
     /georgd/EB-Garamond/archive/0.015.tar.gz (0.015)
     /georgd/EB-Garamond/archive/0.012.tar.gz (0.012)
Newest version on remote site is 0.016, local version is 0.015
 => Newer version available from

I hope this can help getting the latest version in the archive :)

Thanks, ciao

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