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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Help to review and sponsor Noto fonts for CJK

Hi ChangZhuo Chen,

Quoting ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) (2015-05-13 18:11:49)
> I create a source package fonts-noto-cjk for CJK Noto fonts to fix
> #754926.

Ohh - I am very sorry - we have made parallel duplicate work here: Just 
now I finalized adding the CJK fonts to main fonts-noto package. :-/

> It is separated from fonts-noto because:
> * It is too big to merge (original tarball is 616M, each font package is
>   around 93M ~ 94M).

I chose to only package a single flavor of the CJK fonts for now - the 
most compact and complete flavor.  I envision only a potential need for 
one other flavor - the biggest one not needing "Localized forms" (locl) 
support.  I've postponed including that until someone express an actual 
need for it.

Now (pending ftpmaster approval) fonts-noto is a metapackage with these 
new packages added (packaged and unpacked sizes in paranthesis):

  fonts-noto-hinted (7MB/13MB)
  fonto-noto-unhinted (2MB/4MB)
  fonts-noto-cjk (73MB/113MB)

> * Noto CJK has different version string than other Noto fonts.

That is a common issue with bundled code:  Already the fonts have 
different versions:

  * Noto Kufi Arabic 1.02
  * Noto Naskh Arabic 1.04
  * Noto Naskh Arabic UI 1.04
  * Noto Sans 1.05
  * Noto Sans Armenian 2.02

For the Debian packaging we currently use date-based versioning instead 
of favoring any of upstream multiple version numbers in their bundling.

> The package is in [0], please help to review and sponsor it, thanks.
> [0] git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-fonts/fonts-noto-cjk.git

I will take a look at your packaging anyway - maybe you had some good 
ideas in your packaging that can be adopted.

Sorry for the bad timing :-(

 - Jonas

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