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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#714436: Bug#714436: Bug#714436: Only three Hangul glyphs in it

2014-10-18 17:39 GMT+09:00 Christian PERRIER <bubulle@debian.org>:
> Coming back to this issue...

This bug #714436 was filed when fonts-droid did not ship
DroidSansFallback.ttf. So this bug has been fixed by #737105. But...

> I'm still not comfortable about modifying upstream files, even simply
> as you suggest.
> As I'm currently working to fix #762296, the two DroidSansFallback.ttf
> and DroidSansFallbackLegacy.ttf files will no longer be in fontconfig
> directories.

Moving those two files will bring back this bug again.

If we decide to drop Hangul from Droid font default installation, it's
OK. But these three remaining Hangul glyphs in DroidSansFallbackFull
will make problems. Removing two font files and leaving
DroidSansFallbackFull only, it will make the three Hangul characters
and others will be displayed in different fonts.

> Still, people can manually tweak their configuration to use them (and
> therefore better display Hangul characters....but it seems that just
> installing fonts-nanum better does the job.
> So, shouldn't just fonts-droid Recommend fonts-nanum ?

I think it is not necessary. There are many Hangul fonts nowadays. And
DroidSansFallback has its own Hangul glyphs. So if anyone installs
DroidSansFallback for displaying Hangul text, I think he/she wants
Hangul glyphs from this font, not from other fonts.

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