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[Pkg-fonts-devel] FontForge Copyright Metadata

Hi, all.

We're eager to see FontForge appropriately packaged for Debian in the near future. Unfortunately, our work on features and bugs (fixing them, not making them) leaves us very little additional manpower for finishing some of the more problematic tasks. Specifically, the debian/copyright file is rather complicated due to the many things included in FontForge, and it's likely that somebody with experience writing those might be much more efficient than one of our team members. Is there anybody who might be willing to help us to put the finishing touches on the Debian metadata and to confirm its compliance with Debian standards?

For anybody interested, the code is on GitHub (http://github.com/fontforge/fontforge), with the debian templates (adapted from the previous Debian release) in Packaging/debian/cp-src. We generate Ubuntu/Launchpad packages with {
./bootstrap; ./configure; make F_METADATA_REGENERATE=1 UBUNTU_RELEASE=precise deb-src;
}. I imagine that the correct commands for Debian would be {
./bootstrap; ./configure; make F_METADATA_REGENERATE=1 DEB_VERSION_TRAILER=1 DEB_OS_RELEASE=testing deb-src;
}. There is a separate target deb-src-control that just generates the debian directory. The packaging logic is in pkg.mk (which also generates the fake changelog for minor releases).

Best wishes,


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