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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Font name changing, wrt bug #760826

Hi everyone,

it's me again :).

I've a doubt on what to do to fix bug #760826 which has just been
reported against fonts-georgewilliams. The gist of it is that one of the
fonts shipped by the packages is called Monospace{Oblique|Bold|Regular}
and, when the package is installed, it happily substitutes/overrides the
system default monospace font.
At first I thought that changing the font name (to something like
GWMono{Regular|Bold|Oblique}) would have been enough, but now I'm
thinking that maybe I should change the font name also in the metadata
of the font... or is it enough just to change the name of the .sfd file?
Seems a bit too easy to be the right thing ;).

Thanks in advance, 

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