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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#722991: Bug#722991: Bug#722991: libspiro0: FTBFS uneeded dh kde option

On 16:55 Mon 16 Sep     , Fabian Greffrath wrote:
> Am Montag, den 16.09.2013, 20:16 +0530 schrieb Vasudev Kamath: 
> > Well I used pkg-kde-tools to generate symbols file I thought it should
> > work but looks like that is only for KDE libs. Let me check how I can
> > fix this. 
> Doesn't this work with dpkg-gensymbols alone?

In this case it does as package doesn't have complex stuff but when
dealing with packages using arch dependent or C++ functions it is really
difficult to handle it just with dpkg-gensymbols (I'm not saying
impossible but just too much work). pkg-kde-tools nicely handles this. 

On CDBS I can include symbolfiles.mk which overrides the path to make
pkg-gensymbols called during dh_makeshlibs. But sadly this is not easy
to be done with dh only way I can think is override dh_makeshlibs call
and manually call pkgkde-gensymbols but that is too much for this simple
package where dpkg-gensymbols works fine.

Vasudev Kamath
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