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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#683931: [Pkg-fonts-bugs] Bug#683931: Bug#683931: src:ttf-dejavu: please use xz

clone 683931 -1
retitle -1 Please use xz extreme compression
severity -1 wishlist

Quoting shawn (shawnlandden@gmail.com):
> xz's "extreme" compression option only changes the compressor, the
> decompressor doesn't even know which level of compression the compressor
> used. Using extreme compression speeds up decompression because the cpu
> usage is roughly linear with compressed size.
> Using extreme compression uses more rigerous compression without raising
> the size of the dictionary as using -7, -8, or -8 (64MB)--see xz(1) for
> more info.

Thanks for your explanations. I turn the wish to use
extreme compression into another bug report, as the switch to xz has
already been done.

This will probably be made post-wheezy, unless the package size gain
is interesting for CD images size shrinking.

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