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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] newer padauk font

Quoting Daniel Glassey (wdg@debian.org):
> We've just noticed (sorry, I haven't been paying attention to fonts
> for a while) that a few of the SIL fonts have newer versions, and some
> new fonts have been missed for inclusion for wheezy.

Sad. I wonder whether our upstream URLs are correct.There areway too
many fonts we maintain for any human to be able to watch each and
every manually.

(also, several of our upstreams have very jerky "sites" for their distribution)

> It is too late for the new fonts and most updates but I'd like to
> update the Padauk font to 2.8
> It is available on http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/page.php?item_id=Padauk
> I've tried using svn-upgrade to update the upstream but it is
> complaining about not being able to find a 'upstream/current' folder.
> So what I'm planning to do tomorrow is effectively a NMU building the
> package from outside the pkg-fonts svn and uploading it.
> If anyone can get to it in the rest of Thursday anywhere in the world
> please go ahead.
> Just letting you know in advance, esp if anyone knows about
> svn-buildpackage and what could be wrong.

Our SVN layout is probably not perfect.

I suggest you just go ahead with the NMU or do a regular upload adding
yourself as uploader (you're a team member, aren't you? :-)). Then,
we'll catchup with SVN commit afterwards.

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