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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: Bug#599059: merging Tuffy font fork

I updated Tuffy to version 1.28.  Archives at http://tulrich.com/fonts/

I think I addressed everything noted by brtkr but let me know what I missed.

Sorry this took so long; I've been very busy with work etc.


On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 4:38 AM, Fabian Greffrath <fabian@greffrath.com> wrote:
> You again managed to post all this information without actually sending it
> to Thatcher Ulrich. And please keep this spurious google group out of the
> discussion, it has nothing to do with this bug report and Debian in general.
> If you want to get your conevrsation listed and archived on the pkg-fonts
> list, please keep <599059@bugs.debian.org> in CC.
>  - Fabian
> Am 13.09.2011 17:53, schrieb brtkr:
>> I don't see my message in thread. I repost it one more. I don't want to
>> blame anybody.
>> What did T. U. do? He put my glyphs into his source font files not
>> corrected font info entries. It means that version 1.27 contains more glyphs
>> with the same errors what you saw before in v. 1.1.
>> The source files of Tuffy of the original author (uploaded nowadays for
>> testing) is full of bugs. I say one: font info. Tuffy Regular contains
>> kursive tag in various languages, not standardized and so on. Saved otf. Not
>> set PANOSE information.
>> OKAY, I know this is Public Domain and anyone can do it with anything. But
>> don't ruin all my data built accurate by myself so that a typeface family
>> would be as precise as it can be in a Linux based world. This is outrageous
>> but I don't care a rap anymore.
>> Where is my e-mail address in LICENSE.txt???? Proper data in font
>> info, too, please. Do not ruin all my notes!!!
>> I'm watching the test package uploaded by you. I have some remarks about
>> the fonts (Tuffy Regular).
>> – Don't forget, that Unicode standard changed to 6.0. Some changes may
>> occur.
>> – Romanian accented Scommaaccent, scommaaccent, Tcommaaccent and
>> tcommaaccent contain commas! No cedille. (This was my fault.)
>> – Uni20B5 needs clockwise and remove overleap.
>> – iotadieresistonos (U+390) Accent position.
>> – Imacromcyrillic (U+04E2) and imacromcyrillic (U+04E3) need macron.
>> – Umacromcyrillic (U+04EE) and umacromcyrillic (U+04EF) need macron.
>> – Need correct these glyphs: U+040A, U+0424, U+044B, U+044E, U+044F…
>> There are no accents or modification from U+0492 to U+04BF. See
>> Unicode book p. 38 (Cyrillic).
>> – Adieresiscyrillic (U+04D2) and adieresiscyrillic (U+04D3) need
>> dieresis.
>> – There are no accents from U+04C3 to U+04CE.
>> – About ff ligature. The ligature ff starts in Alphabetic Presentation
>> Forms. U+FB00. See page 1085. This is the part of Unicode Standard. If any
>> non-unicode or national or ancient glyphs are made, I put them in Private
>> section.
>> Font information:
>> To do:
>> GSUB: Liga, locl, frac.
>> Kerning, kerning and sidebearing!
>> OS/2/Charsets:  Tick to Defaults.
>> OS/2/Panose: setting.
>> OS2/Metrics: Values have been lost!!! This is the major problem in Tuffy
>> collection. Standardize them in other font files, too. Let there be the same
>> values in Bold, Italic and Bold Italic, so that any jumping (baselining and
>> typo metrics) or error won't make the texting look badly.
>> T.U.: "It was a bit tricky to do the merge because some of the accent
>> characters were different in your version, so any existing chars that were
>> using the accents needed to be adjusted. Anyway, I generally preferred your
>> accents in case there was a conflict."
>> My Answer: Accents are positioned largely accurate with using hinting. I
>> had had started development on truetype files and I didn't treat with
>> sources what I noticed later. Don't forget OS2/Metrics!!!
>> I hope this message will be retained and not only positive feedback will
>> be visible.
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