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[Pkg-fonts-devel] [announcement] Code2000 font switched license from shareware to GPLv3+FE || OFL

Hi all,

Great news! The author of the Code2000 pan-Unicode font has recently
switched the font to being licensed under the GNU GPLv3. During the
discussions where I attempted to verify the license and get commit
access to the project, James granted dual licensing under the GPLv3+FE
and the SIL OFL. Unfortunately he wants to keep the code2000.sf.net
project as a historic and no-longer developed project and have us fork
the project, hosting it elsewhere.

My initial plans for the project are:

      * pick a name for the fork, C2K was suggested during the
      * pick a site for hosting the fork, add Thierry, myself and anyone
        else who wants to join the project
      * setup a git repository and import the current binary TTF release
      * convert the binary TTF files into UFO format, which seems to be
        a more cross-vendor format than SFD, commit that to git.
        According to the current release, "All fonts are created from
        scratch natively in TTF format inside FontCreator 6.0".
      * cleanup and add documentation about the licensing
      * package it for Debian and encourage other distros to package it
      * blog about the freeing of the font and get that on LWN/etc
      * look for contributors and watch for bug reports



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