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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#656359: Segfault when pressing modifier/arrow keys if more than 4 points are selected

Hi fontforge folks--

over on Debian, we've just gotten http://bugs.debian.org/656359, which
appears to contain a reproducible segfault.

Some folks have suggested that it may be due to more recent versions of
dependent libraries, but i haven't been able to track it down in more
detail, i'm afraid.

From Theppitak's original report, a recipe to produce the crash:

Steps to reproduce:
- Start fontforge and create a new font.
- Randomly choose a first glyph to edit.
- Draw splines with at least 5 points.
- Select up to 4 points and press a modifier or arrow key. It won't crash.
- Select at least 5 points and press a modifier or arrow key. It will
  always crash.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, as always, for fontforge!


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