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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#647444: Bug#647444: ttf-dejavu-core: Letter ė (U+0117 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DOT ABOVE) is broken at 12pt and below

tags 647444 confirmed

Quoting Rimas Kudelis (rq@akl.lt):
> Package: ttf-dejavu-core
> Version: 2.33-2
> Severity: normal
> The letter ė (U+0117 LATIN SMALL LETTER E WITH DOT ABOVE) is displayed
> incorrectly at 12pt and below in DejaVu Sans Bold typeface. I'm
> attaching a screenshot produced in LibreOffice. (Note, I'm not sure if
> it's actually pt or some other unit, because it's not indicated in the
> UI's I looked at).
> At sizes 13 or even 12.5, and above, the problem does not manifest itself.

I see the exact same problem on my system.

That seems to only happen with the bold version of the font, and only
with DejaVu Sans, not Sans Mono, neither Serif.

Certainly worth reporting upstream. Davide?

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