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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] (forw) Reminder: DebConf11 sponsorship/paper deadline 8 May

Hi there, Christian and others.

On May 05 2011, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Folks, I roughly intend to propose something for Debconf 11 about
> packaging fonts in Debian.

This is great. I have a text here containing my collection of things that I
am learning about fonts, in a private wiki.

I can attach it here, if you would like to have something on which to base
your work.

In fact, last year I submitted something like this, but it was rejected:

,----[ Proposal for tutorial about Fonts in Debian ]
| The subject of fonts and typesetting in general has a lot of jargon, but,
| unfortunately, the texts that have covered it so far could be disseminated
| in an easier language for people not familiar with the jargon.
| This is especially important as the digital typesetting world flourishes
| with a basic need of users when writing texts: writing attractive,
| aesthetically beautiful documents may become a confusing task and without
| some concepts, achieving those goals is harder.
| In this work, we propose to present a tutorial about basic aspects of
| typography for Debian contributors, in an accessible, easy-to-follow
| language, including aspects of the OpenType technology enabled by recent
| developments on TeX.

> Ideas are not clear yet and it's very likely that I cook up something
> *very* simple, just as a "state of the art" talk abou twhat we're doing
> right now.

Oh, and I want to get the Fonts Policy drafted better, as both you and Paul
pointed out to me in an earlier mail to debconf-discuss, when I asked about
how one should fill the plans for DebCamp.

> Of course, I'd be happy to share this with other fonts team members.

I would be willing to participate on this.


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