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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Font packages renaming mini-HOWTO?

I see that Yamane-san is now going the way to move the font packages
he's maintaining to the "new" packages naming "policy".

This is good as I think we reached some kind of consensus with last
proposals, assuming the "foundry" part is considered to be optional.

So, it would probably be good to have some nice short and
straightforward  cooking recipe for those of us who want to migrate
some team-maintained font packages to the new naming scheme.

Hideki, do you think you could write down something about the process
you followed for packages you worked on already?

Maybe that was among your intents and, if so, please forgive me..:-)
but, definitely, that would help, at least /me, for the day I'll sit
down and start hunting the few dozen packages we already have under
our "control" (but often with loose maintenance).

We probably don't need a nicely reviewed documentation, just a small
cook book. Japglish will be a perfect language for the documentation
and I might improve it later on with some Frenglish (I noticed that
Japglish, Frenglish, Portuglish and Spanglish are often very well
mutually intelligible, though sometimes difficult to cope with for
Oxford English speakers).


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