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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#617214: ITP: cantarell-fonts -- Humanist sans-serif font family

Am 06.04.2011 15:13, schrieb Josselin Mouette:
What is exactly preventing the upload then? Is it about the build system
not regenerating fonts automatically?

I am still not sure myself...

Nicolas, what are the exact single issues that you think prevent us from uploading the cantarell fonts package to experimental (I mean package-wise)? GNOME 3 is out and I have been asked by several people within the last few days about the status of these fonts.

I’m pretty sure the ftp-masters’ position on such topics is that as long
the sources are here, just installing the .otf files without rebuilding
them is fine.

There are even font packages that contain only the binary font files (e.g. gsfonts) as long as the license is appropriate.

 - Fabian

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