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[Pkg-fonts-devel] ttf-gruenewald -- free educational fonts for schools (handwriting)


first, many thanks to pabs for help and the fast and thorough
review. (I made a little mistake renaming  #549926, i.e. had already
opened a new one #589988, but promise to do better next time ;-)) 

I contacted the font's author in German and in general got a positive 
response. However, things seem to be rather complicated. I try to sum
up the relevant parts:

He said that he is open to modifications, but as he did not create the
font from the beginning with fontforge but used a proprietary
Software, he will never be able to provide the fontforge font-source.

However, he offers to explicitly allow someone familiar with fontforge
to remove/clean/modify problematic parts.

As I am not at all familiar with the creation of fonts, I hope I did
get anything correct. (cc the font author).

So how to proceed? Let me suggest the following: 

As I do not have the time to learn the techniques of font creation and
consider other tasks more important for debian-edu at the moment, I'll
guess we stop here for now and wait if either:

      * someone interested and skilled with fonts does the work, or
      * some people from the German skolelinux team renew and
        emphasize their need/RFP for the font. (cc skolelinux.de) 

If nothing in that direction happens the next two months, I suggest to
close the RFP/ITP bug. It does not make sense to spend much time on a
package nobody uses in the end. 

Best regards,


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