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[Pkg-fonts-devel] Bug#587844: Bug#587844: fontforge: FontForge doesn't use user's default browser to show online help

Hi, Andreas.

On Jul 02 2010, Andreas Neudecker wrote:
> User has set iceweasel as preferred browser in XFCE's settings.
> FontForge is using Opera instead to open online help when you click on
> Help->Help (F1).
> This seams to happen because Opera set's itself as default in alternatives for
> x-www-browser (priority 90 while iceweasel politely sets only 70 here).
> As a quick fix you can of course remove the Opera entry in alternatives. But I
> bet that Opera resets it every time it is upgraded.

No, that is a *dirty* quick fix. :-) One question: does

   xdg-open http://www.debian.org/

work the way you want (assuming that you have xdg-utils installed)?

> FontForge should honor user settings over system-wide settings
> here. Are these settings not a freedesktop.org standard?

xdg-open should use the way that freedesktop.org dictates, as far as I


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