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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] Status of package modernization and defoma drop work

Quoting Hideki Yamane (henrich@debian.or.jp):

> > $ LANG=C apt-rdepends -r --show=Depends,Suggests,Recommends -f=Depends,Suggests,Recommends defoma    

It's good that you built this list. Maybe time for adding all these
packages on the wiki page and track reported bugs there?

>  And, some people sometimes claimed against dropping defoma work, see 
>  http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=583956 or so.

Well, anybody claiming against dropping defoma should start by
maintaining defoma. This package is an old horse full of rotting bugs.

>  Now here is a question.
>  1. first of all, should we continue this "defoma drop" work?

As Paul said, yes.

>  2. if its answer is yes, what is its schedule or plan?

As Paul said, no plan. We should move on as we can. I'm sorry that I
mostly reduced my pkg-fonts work to sero last months after the big
bump back in late 2009. That may be easily resumed with such a task. I
like things that I can count and complete to 100% :-)

>  3. then, we should post to devel-announce about this work (its benefit, 
>     how to do that, schedule, deadline, etc) to get consensus.

I can't really explain the benefit of dropping defoma except by
explaining that it is a piece of old crap that GUI specialists seem to
agree became that it became useless over time..:-)... It's a bit short
argument for a post to d-d-a, though..:)

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