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Re: [Pkg-fonts-devel] ttf-droid and other fonts

Quoting Simon Ochsenreither (simon@ochsenreither.de):
> Hi,
> my name is Simon and I openend an ITP¹ on the Droid fonts released by
> Google some time ago.
> After a recent move and a new job I finally have some time to get this
> font into Debian, with your kind permission and guidance, of course.
> How should I start?

Request for being member of the Alioth project, which you did.

Wait for an admin to validate your request, which I did.

Checkout the SVN, which you will.

Insert your packaging work in the right place....or ask for help on the list.

When ready, prepare the package and request for sponsoring the upload to the few of us who are DD.

Simple and efficient, right?

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